Thursday, August 7, 2008


BELOVED (22 July 2008)
Martha's gone
The family's mourning
Came from her wake this morning
Her unconditional love will be well paid-off in heaven
She's heading there.
Back home
There were flowers delivered
My niece asked, "Is it for Martha?"
My mother thought so too.
They said it was for me
I could only guess from whom
Men love surprises.
I saw it from afar
It was like one for Martha
Getting nearer, it couldn't be a morbid joke
Not with two dozens of roses from Designer Blooms
The card read, "To my beloved, happy birthday"
It was sweet
I appreciated the thoughtfulness, the gesture.
His love defied bounds and distance.
But the wake must have gotten into me
For this lukewarm feeling
Isn't it when one has departed his beloved for a time
It cannot or better not be resurrected?
Beloved I was. I know.
Beloved I am. Maybe.
Beloved I will. Uncertain.
Rouse me.