Monday, February 11, 2008


This is a skillful play
Where you strike the opening move
And imagination is in display
With the tempo to prove
This game is the way
To treasure-trove.

Move the pawn
Take the rhythm
To opponent’s lawn
Wide-eyed to wit you gleam.

Your bishop a step forward
She follows on the verse
Her moves are wayward
The interest is high not terse.

The rules are played neatly
Making ample time
To weigh pros and cons carefully
And mark exchanges with rhyme.

There is strategy in place
It becomes difficult to break defenses
When circumspection runs at ace
There is focus, minding the consequences.

The goal is to win the game
Without deceit
To avoid adversary, it’s played the same
You both adjust warding off defeat.

In front is a heavy piece
A sealed good move
For a checkmate
Or a stalemate, the least.

A thinker like you
Is no match to an amateur like her
As this pursuit is not out of the blue
True, you are the champ for her.

This game is yours
She triumphs in a way
Having you as a match, of course
Rare as it may for you again will go away.